Team Checklist

Welcome to the Collegiate Rugby Championship! You've already done the hard work in qualifying May Madness, and now you can focus on planning your team's trip and getting ready for the tournament. The checklists below provide important deadlines and requirements for the tournament.

Pre-Tournament Checklist

We're Championship QualifiersWe're Headed to May MadnessWe're Championship QualifiersWe're Headed to May Madness

Arrival Checklist

  • Sign-up for team meeting space at one of the NCR meeting rooms in your hotel.
  • Check-in 30 minutes after you complete your team’s training session.
    • The check-in table is located at the Party Shack in Shrine on Airline Stadium.
    • Teams need to line up in alphabetical order by last name and provide a Student ID.
    • Preorder t-shirts will be available for pick up; tournament shirts will be available for $30, credit card only.
    • Up to 15 players and up to 3 additional staff will receive Team Pass credentials which must be shown to enter Stadium player entrance throughout the weekend.
    • Each team will receive two parking passes for their bus/van.
  • Take a stadium tour after your check-in has been completed.
    • Tours leave from the Party Shack and run every 30 minutes in groups of 3-5 teams.
  • Have any questions or concerns? Contact your division commissioner.

Match Day Checklist

Stadium Entry

For teams checking in pre-match, enter through the Party Shack gate. For credentialed players and team staff entering the stadium throughout the tournament for any other reason, enter through the open fan gates - Gate 2, Gate 3 and the Levee entrance. Gates will open at 7:30 a.m. every day.

Pre-match check in

Teams must check-in and submit their match rosters to the No. 4 table by kickoff two games prior (or 37 minutes) of their kickoff. ONLY teams checking in, and ALL teams checking in, should enter through the Party Shack gate.

If you are playing in one of the first two matches of the day, check in at the No. 4 table or Party Shack no later than 37 minutes before your scheduled kickoff time. 

Pre-match flow

For stadium matches, the 12-player match roster must be submitted to the No. 4 table next to field by kickoff two games prior (37 minutes), and the teams will warm-up in a designated area on FIELD 1. 

Before halftime, BOTH TEAMS go directly to the first-base dugout via the Party Shack for pre-game staging and the coin toss. Drop any bags or equipment not essential for the sideline in the weight room. The coin toss will be conducted at halftime of the game prior in the dugout. Coaches will leave after the coin toss and enter the field through the Party Shack. For the first game of the day, the coin toss will happen at midfield 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

There are Port-O-Potties directly outside the entrance to the stadium by the Party Porch, and there is an umpire’s locker room available to players and sideline personnel pregame in the concourse near the dugout. The locker room is to be used for restrooms only and must be open to both teams at all times. It is not for pre-game kitting up or meeting. 

Out of the stadium, warm-up space will be designated near the field, and teams are to report to the No. 4 table by halftime of the game prior for the coin toss and pre-match staging.

Taking the Field

The Assistant Referees will line up the two teams at the Dead Ball Line 4 Minutes before the scheduled match. The referee will be in front of both teams. The production crew will notify the Redhat when the broadcast has returned from commercial breaks which should occur no later than 2 minutes before the scheduled match.

The Redhat, located beside the No. 4, will advise the referee team that the players can enter the field. The Referee will advise both teams that they can enter the field. The Referee and Assistant Referees will run onto the field immediately after the teams have entered.

Team #1 (that whose university name starts with the letter closest to Z) will occupy the Technical Zone to the right of the #4 Tent (that nearest the Party Shack), Team #2 (that whose name starts with a letter closer to A) will occupy the Technical Zone to the Left.

Post-match flow

You will immediately exit the pitch via the Party Shack, retrieve your things from the weight room and then exit via the Party Shack.

Post-match/Between match

Every coach and player with a competition credential has access to all playing enclosures at all times, including the stadium. There is ample seating, shade, restrooms and amenities for teams to find comfort between matches inside the stadium.

At the NOLA Gold Practice Field just outside the stadium is where teams who bring their own shade tents should set up. We have space just left of the gate to this field. 

For the 3 fields at LaSalle, there is a row of trees behind some bleachers for cover, and we will be providing some tents for cover throughout the park, but there may not be ample space for individual team tents. We will have two food trucks and a beer truck there next to a large tented area and the permanent restrooms, as well. 

Medical Resources

Commissioner Contacts

Men’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Women’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Men’s Division I Club

Brad Dufek
Women’s Division I Club

Angela Smarto
Men’s Division II Club

Brad Dufek
Men’s Small College

Steve Cohen