Team Checklist

Welcome to the Collegiate Rugby Championship! You've already done the hard work in qualifying for CRC's, so now you can focus on planning your team's trip and getting ready for the tournament. The checklists below provide important deadlines and requirements for the tournament.

Pre-Tournament Checklist

  • Submit the Player Eligibility Form to by March 15 or, for teams qualifying after that deadline, within a week after qualification.
  • Ensure that your team, players and coaches are registered and eligible with NCR. You can learn more about registration and eligibility on the NCR website.
  • Book air travel. If needed, contact the NCR travel agency PRS Travel.
  • Book Hotel. The CRC is a stay-and-play tournament, and it’s mandatory that all teams stay at a tournament hotel. Please contact our travel manager, Bill Price, directly at (480) 246-4101 to make your reservations.
    - List of CRC Hotels
  • Book local transportation. If needed, contact the NCR travel agency PRS Travel.
  • Complete the online broadcast form by April 21. (The list below will become live links in March.) We Suggest that you nominate one person as your media lead and distribute the link to all team members for easy completion.
    - Men’s Premier

    - Women’s Premier

    - Men’s Division I Club

    - Women’s Division I Club

    - Men’s Division II

    - Women’s Division II

    - Men’s Small College

    - Women’s Small College
  • Send your team’s logo to by April 21 and include TEAM NAME / DIVISION in the subject line. Please provide PNG images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Sign up for training time.
  • Teams traveling with their own medical personnel must notify Jennifer Stratton, the Chair of NCR's Medical and Safety Committee. 

    - We have provided a template for the letter. The notification must be sent to Jenn at by April 21.
  • All teams are expected to bring their own basic medical supplies including a fully stocked medical kit with taping supplies for prophylactic taping, basic OTC medications and sunblock.
  • If your team is bringing a media person, please submit a request for media credentials by sending the person's name, email, and phone number to


Please send all questions to Membership Services at

Men’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Women’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Men’s Division I Club

Brad Dufek
Women’s Division I Club

Angela Smarto
Men’s Division II

Brad Dufek
Women's Division II

Angela Smarto
Men’s Small College

Greg White
Women's Small College

Kelsea Thompson