Team Checklist

Welcome to the Collegiate Rugby Championship! You've already done the hard work in qualifying for CRC's, so now you can focus on planning your team's trip and getting ready for the tournament. The checklists below provide important deadlines and requirements for the tournament.

Pre-Tournament Checklist

  • Send your team’s logo to by April 21 and include TEAM NAME / DIVISION in the subject line. Please provide PNG images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Sign up for a check in time.
  • Sign up for training time.
  • Teams traveling with their own medical personnel must notify Jennifer Stratton, the Chair of NCR's Medical and Safety Committee. 

    - We have provided a template for the letter. The notification must be sent to Jenn at by April 21.
  • All teams are expected to bring their own basic medical supplies including a fully stocked medical kit with taping supplies for prophylactic taping, basic OTC medications and sunblock.
  • If your team is bringing a media person, please submit a request for media credentials by sending the person's name, email, and phone number to

Arrival Checklist

  • Check-in is located near the Player Village, which is behind the Field house.  Once you leave your training field, follow the map to the Field house/Field #11 (Stadium). The entrance to the Player village is on the right side of the Field house.
    • Each team is guaranteed 1 hour of training on half of a field.
    • Teams must check in 15 minutes after their training ends.
    • Teams not requesting a training time must still request a check in time.
    • During check in, teams will receive credentials, printed match rosters, and pre-ordered T-shirts. Merchandise will be for sale if your team did not submit a pre-order.
    • All rostered players (15 max) and coaches / staff (3 max) will receive a credential. You will not be able to enter player zones or spectate in the stadium without this pass.
    • Photo ID's are required to check in. (school ID preferred, state ID accepted)
  • Please note - teams will not be provided credentials until broadcast form has been completed.
  • Following check in, teams can tour the complex / stadium / player village. During this time, we encourage teams to take their team photos on the south side (Spirit Hill) of the stadium in front of the NCR logo.
  • Contact your tournament hotel to book a conference room if needed.
  • Have any questions or concerns? Please contact or your division commissioner.

Match Day Checklist

Stadium Entry

Credentialed players and team staff may enter the stadium through any general admission gate, but teams are strongly encouraged to park in the team parking lot behind the Field house (driveway on the left of the building) and enter through the Team Village. Only credentialed team staff should be on the team vehicles, as credentials are required for the team lot. Only registered CRC players and coaches will receive credentials. 

Players and team staff will have access to all general admission areas inside the stadium (East stands, Spirit Hill), but not GA+ or VIP areas (West stands).

Pre-match check in

Teams must check-in and submit their match rosters to their No. 4 table by kickoff two games prior to their match. Teams playing in the stadium will submit their rosters at the entry tunnel on the north end of the stadium.

If you are playing in one of the first two matches of the day, check in at the No. 4 table no later than 40 minutes before your scheduled kickoff time.

Pre-match flow

Outside the stadium, coin toss will take place at halftime of the game prior at the No. 4 table. Teams should be staged and ready to take the field at this point. Inside the stadium, the coin toss will take place at halftime of the game prior at the entry tunnel on the north end of the stadium.

All teams for all fields are to warm-up on Field 8. It is divided into five marked sections, one for each match pitch. You will share the space with your opponent, as it is reserved for teams “on deck” for the next scheduled match. Warm-ups must conclude by halftime of the game prior to yours, as you’re due for coin toss and staging. Elongated warm-up times and tardiness to the coin toss will not be tolerated.

Taking the Field

The Assistant Referees will line up the two teams at the Dead Ball Line 4 minutes before the scheduled match. The referee will be in front of both teams.

For in-stadium matches, the production crew will notify the Redhat when the broadcast has returned from commercial breaks which should occur no later than 2 minutes before the scheduled match.

The Redhat, located beside the No. 4, will advise the referee team that the players can enter the field. The Referee will advise both teams that they can enter the field. The Referee and Assistant Referees will run onto the field immediately after the teams have entered.

In stadium, Team #1 (that whose university name starts with the letter closest to Z) will occupy the Technical Zone furthest from the tunnel. Team #2 (that whose name starts with a letter closer to A) will occupy the Technical closest to the tunnel. Outside the stadium, Team #1 will occupy the TZ nearest the stadium, and Team #2 the one furthest from the stadium.

Team Village

This is the designated and roped-off rest area reserved for team tents just northwest of the stadium overlooking the Team Drop off & Parking Lot and outside fields. Only credentialed players, coaches and staff will be allowed in this area, but it is not a secured space, and players will leave personal items at their own risk.

Teams may bring their own tents, and on-site rental is available in advance. The maximum tent size is 10x10. Tents may be left overnight, at your own risk, but all contents of the tent must be packed up or thrown away every day.

Teams may have performance drinks and food on site, like bananas, oranges, bars, gatorade, etc., but they are restricted to the Team Village.

Teams are responsible for cleaning their areas and keeping them tidy at all times. 


Please send all questions to Membership Services at

Men’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Women’s Premier Cup

Pat Clifton
Men’s Division I Club

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Women’s Division I Club

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Men’s Division II

Brad Dufek
Women's Division II

Angela Smarto
Men’s Small College

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Women's Small College

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