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Technical Zones Enforcement Guidelines


  • Coaches may not cross into the other team’s TZ or leave their own TZ
  • No more than 2 coaches are allowed in the TZ
  • Coaches should not stand in/near the try zone or anywhere on the field of play
  • Uncertified coaches should not be in the TZ
  • Coaches should not huddle with teams on the field after scores
  • Coaches are not allowed onto the field with medical personnel unless explicitly allowed by the match official

Water Carriers 

  • Water carriers must stay “behind the rope”* unless the match official signals that they may enter the playing field
  • Water carriers should endeavor to wear a top that clashes with the players on the field
  • Coaches may not serve as water carriers
  • Water carriers should not be in the TZ*


  •  Teams may have two medical professionals “in front of the rope”
  • Medical professionals may roam either sideline and are not confined to the TZ*
  • Only one (1) medical professional per team is allowed per side of the field*
  • Second medical professional must be across from the first medical professional on opposite sideline*
  • Medical personnel should always introduce themselves to the match official(s) before the match begins

Admin Area

  • #4 (Fourth Official) or Match Manager (data tracker) occupies the space between the 10m lines (Administrative Area)
  • Chairs may be set up in the Administrative Area for disciplinary/sin bin purposes
  • No coach or player is allowed in the Administrative Area except when petitioning for a substitution


  • Spectators should be on the opposite sideline from the teams unless a second rope is present to prevent mixing of spectators with players/staff/administrators

Bench Players 

  • Teams must warm up in the end they are attacking into, not the end they are defending
  • Players warming up must wear a contrasting top to the players on the field (e.g., a penny)
  • Teams should not warm up with balls, cones or other equipment (e.g., ruck pads)
  • Teams should not warm up within 5m of the field of play
  • If space demands it, teams may warm up in the try zone but only if they access the try zone by staying “behind the rope” to and from
  • Team benches should also be between the 10 and 22