The Collegiate Rugby Championship includes over 120 teams from eight men’s and women’s divisions. From Division I varsity programs to student-run Small College clubs, the tournament will include the best teams from all competitive levels.
Men's Divisions
Women's Divisions
  • 32 Premier Cup teams
  • 12 Division I Club teams
  • 12 Division II teams
  • 18 Small College teams
  • 16 Premier Cup teams
  • 8 Division I Club teams
  • 12 Division II teams
  • 12 Small College teams
Depending on your division, there are several ways to compete at National 7s.
Open Automatic Qualifiers
There are seven men's and two women's open automatic qualifiers across the country where any NCR teams can attempt to qualify for the CRC. The top bracket of competition is the Premier Cup, and it's open to teams from all divisions, as are its open automatic qualifiers. Divisional open automatic qualifiers are exclusive to division-appropriate teams. 
Conference Automatic Qualifiers
The majority of the 120 teams at the CRC will qualify through their conference championships. All conference qualifiers must be completed by April 15. 
At-Large Bids
On top of conference championships and open automatic qualifiers, teams can gain entrance into the CRC via an at-large bid. To be considered, results must be logged by April 15. At-large assignments will be revealed, along with the tournament brackets, on Selection Saturday, April 22.